Goddesses of the Zodiac: (a 12-card set)Goddesses of the Zodiac: (a 12-card set)
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Legendary Goddesses (an 18 card set)Legendary Goddesses (an 18 card set)
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Scorpio: October 23 _ November 21Scorpio: October 23 _ November 21
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Sagittarius: November 23 ~ December 21.Sagittarius: November 23 ~ December 21.
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Bountiful Harvest (Thanksgiving)Bountiful Harvest (Thanksgiving)
#1005Regular price: $3.00Sale price: $2.00
The Face of AbundanceThe Face of Abundance
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Persephone: The Maiden, and Queen of the UnderworldPersephone: The Maiden, and Queen of the Underworld
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Thank You!Thank You!
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