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The story of deep-breasted Gaia is hauntingly familiar. The Greco-Roman goddess myth parallels the great creation stories of other cultures, including Judeo-Christian scriptures. But it emphasizes the role of the Mother instead of the Father.

In the beginning, we are told, was Kaos, or void and tumult. From emptiness emerged Gaia, together with Eros, the loving generative principle. From nothing, she created the world.

First, she gave birth to the mountains and the sea. Then, yearning for a mate, she created Uranus, the heavens, to be her son and husband. Lusty Uranus covered her with his starry cloak and fathered a host of mythic offspring including Titans, Cyclopes, and 100-armed-50-headed monsters. He disliked and feared his children however. Titanic struggles followed between Uranus, his descendents, and rivals. They fought amongst themselves for supremacy.

Throughout this tumult, steady Gaia, Mother Earth, continued to bring forth children of every kind. She strove to protect and nurture them all. No child was unlovely in her eyes.

She was the primordial element from which sprang everything that lives. Everything that lives is of her, and to her it shall return at death. She is the first and last, and everything in between. She has deep Earth wisdom, and the gift of prophesy.

The worship of Gaia went into decline for thousands of years as patriarchal gods supplanted the Goddess. But she lives on still, not just in the beautiful world we see around us, but in the Gaia Movement. This environmentalist movement sees the entire planet as a single, living organism. Everything is interconnected, mutually dependent, and must be defended. We violate any part of the creation of Gaia at grave peril to our souls and to the world.

The Orphic Hymn to Gaia cries, "Come, Blessed Goddess, and hear the prayers of your children." More than ever, we need her wisdom and healing grace. (Story on back of card.)

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