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I once lived in Mexico City. Christmas in Mexico is magical! My favorite experience was the famous Pastorela of Tepotzotlan. In this traditional Mexican celebration, the entire village seemed to participate in an old-fashioned morality play, set in the courtyard of the Colonial Convent of Tepotzotlan.

A band of peasants, led by the intrepid Goddess matriarch, Lola, sets off in search of the new-born baby, Jesus. Along the way, they are challenged by devils who try to divert them by dangling various temptations before them. However, guarded by sword-wielding angels, and spurred on by the formidable Lola, they finally reach their goal. Kneeling, they present the Holy Family with gifts of chicken, tequila, goats, and tortillas. The old church courtyard rocks with mariachi music. The audience sings as lustily as the actors. Tequila flows. What a joyous celebration!

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