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Why, at a time of turmoil in the Middle East ~ in the face of so much terror exported around the world by radical jihadists ~ would I choose to highlight Egypt’s Isis, Queen of the Immortals?

Because Egypt is one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth. Among its gifts to the world was the goddess Isis, Lady of 10,000 Names. She was worshiped and revered throughout Egypt, the Middle East, Greece and Rome, for thousands of years before Judaism, Christianity, or Islam emerged. Her name, Isis, means Throne. She is the maker and sustainer of kings. Of just government.

Like us, she lived at a time of political upheaval and turmoil. Osiris, her husband, and co-ruler of Egypt, was brutally murdered and cast into the Nile by their jealous brother, Set, who then usurped their throne and ruled with an iron fist.

Refusing to accept his loss, Isis sought for and found Osiris’ body in a distant land. She took him home to Egypt for burial, but Set found his corpse. He dismembered it, and scattered the fourteen pieces to the four winds, so Isis could neither bury it nor resurrect it with her magical powers.

Isis wept, but didn’t give up. She found all but one of the fourteen pieces, and put the body back together again. Recreating his missing phallus with a wax and gold replica, she fanned life back into her husband. In one night of love, they conceived Horus ~ the son who grew up to help Isis overthrow Set and restore Egypt to peace and prosperity. Osiris became King of the Underworld. Horus was crowned King of Egypt. Isis was his trusted counselor, who mediated between Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. She was a mother to her people.

Egyptians loved Isis. When rain fell, swelling the Nile till it overflowed its banks and fertilized the Earth, they called it “The Tears of Isis.” She was the generative force. Her tears created abundance, and helped make Egypt the most powerful and advanced nation of its time. Remember the tears of Isis, goddess! She was, and is, an icon of feminine power and potential. She unites what has been broken. Brings healing to the land. May we try to follow her example.

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Anne Baird


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