You've reached Anne Baird's unique award winning collection of goddess greeting cards for the Modern Goddess. Her original watercolor paintings and stories celebrate women, and explore their legendary goddess roots. The Goddess lives on in all women. She lives in YOU! Connect with your inner goddess. Live your life with passion and joy! Anne Baird


A Greco-Roman myth hauntingly parallels the creation story of the Judeo-Christian tradition. But it tells us that it was the Mother, not the Father, who generated all life at the dawn of time. In the beginning, we are told, was Kaos – void and tumult. Into this emptiness stepped Gaia, together with Eros, the loving principle. From nothing, she created everything in the world. Land, sea, sky, animals, birds, fish, and people of every race and description, sprang from her fertile womb. All of her children, even the unlovely ones, were loved by the deep-breasted goddess.

At this time of fertility and abundance, it is good to remember Gaia. Though her worship declined for thousands of years, she lives on today in the environmentalist Gaia Movement. This movement, like Gaia, cherishes our fragile planet, sees it as a single, living organism, and seeks to protect it. That’s what mothers do.

See Gaia as a musical ecard here. May you revel in the warmth and bounty of Summer! Gaia bless.....

Anne Baird


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